By optional extensions for our standard products mobileX-Dispatch and mobileX-MIP for Field Service companies can increase the value for their employees and customers even further.

Extensions for mobile solutions and resource planning

  • Dynamic forms for mobileX-MIP

    With the extension "Dynamic Forms" for mobileX-MIP for Field Service you can replace an arbitrary number of paper forms by digital forms. With the editing tool you can even design your individual layout including your logo.
  • Release monitor for mobileX-MIP

    With the release monitor for mobileX-MIP you can avoid cancellations of faulty reports in SAP. This saves a lot of time and hassle for your back office team.
  • Travel Expense Manager in mobileX-MIP

    Travel Expense Manager in mobileX-MIP

    The travel expense manager in mobileX-MIP for Field Service facilitates and accelerates the capture of receipts on the road. The recorded data is controlled and further processed in transaction PR05 "SAP Travel Expense Manager".

  • Optimizer – automatic scheduling in mobileX-Dispatch

    Optimizer – automatic scheduling in mobileX-Dispatch

    In addition to manual planning via drag-and-drop, dispatchers can also use the automatic scheduling in mobileX-Dispatch, the Optimizer, when planning the deployment of their technicians.

  • Scenario generator for mobileX-Dispatch

    The scenario generator allows strategic planning of resources and capacities for the future. This means that companies are optimally equipped for future developments.
  • mobileX-SubConnect

    mobileX-SubConnect is a web-based solution for resource planning and mobile order processing, with which subcontractors can be easily integrated into the service processes of companies.