Mobile maintenance for mechanical engineering

Work interruptions due to stoppages in production plants cause huge costs. mobileX-MIP for Field Service provides the technician in the maintenance with all the needed information for classical maintenance tasks like service, inspection and repair work but also for plant modernizations, modifications and weak point analyses. He can digitally edit orders and create completion confirmations via a clear and intuitive user interface. Order forms and completion confirmations in paper form are consequently a thing from the past. 

Mobile solution for maintenance



    Mobile Access to SAP CS/PM/EAM in Factory Maintenance

    With mobileX-MIP for Field Service the technician get offline access to all relevant order data like SAP PM orders or SAP PM reports. In addition, he can access attachments such as the plant structure (TPL-structure), the service history and more details in relation to the order. The mobile solution automatically synchronizes the service data as well as the technical completion confirmation with SAP.


    Individual Digital Forms

    With the extension dynamic forms hundreds of consisting paper forms like test reports can be replaced with little effort by a digital variant. They offer a uniform flexible solution for all kinds of forms in the factory maintenance, whether it involves forms required by law, the documentation of the plant condition or recurring safety checks (individual and collective testing) including the editing of check lists. mobileX-MIP for Field Service creates not only the electronical counterpart in PDF form but also transfers all data in form of measurement documents from the technical object into SAP PM.


    Controlled Data Synchronization: mobileX release monitor

    The mobileX release monitor2 allows the supervisor to control the incoming completion confirmations from the technicians before they are entered in SAP. For this, the release monitor routes the incoming completion confirmations based on defined criteria for a manual control. This saves the back office from an elaborate reversal entry in SAP in case of a necessary correction. 


    Free Choice: Smartphone, Tablet and Laptop

    The variety of tasks in the plant facility maintenance requests full flexibility when choosing a device: mobileX-MIP for Field Service offers a slim smartphone version for simple tasks. For complex tasks the Windows version for laptop or tablet PC provides an extended functional scope. Whether you choose a smartphone, tablet or laptop, mobileX-MIP for Field Service offers top performance for all device classes. Via respective interface RFID tags, barcodes and photos can be captured and fed back into mobileX-MIP for Field Service if necessary.


    Stateful Maintenance

    With mobileX-MIP for Field Service the technician locally captures the plant condition. The data (like SAP PM measurement documents) flow back into the backend system where they activate follow-up processes like an extension of the maintenance cycles. mobileX-MIP for Field Service supplies all necessary access data for a so-called stateful maintenance.


    Mobile Access to Plant Structure 

    Via mobileX-MIP for Field Service the technician receives offline access to the plant structure like technical objects from SAP PM. The mobile solution displays master and additional data (classification from SAP) for every device – equipment or functional location from SAP PM. 


    Intelligent Material Logistics

    mobileX-MIP for Field Service also includes material logistics. The technician can book materials held in stock via the component list as well as access equipment bills of materials, material where-used lists and stock overviews. He documents consumed material via the material confirmation. In doing so, he selects the storage location, the desired material from the inventory (optionally via barcode scanner), the quantity and with serialized material also the serial number. Among the registration of the material consumption from a storage location the takeover of the booked material is also available..


    Integration of Knowledge Management

    Via mobileX-MIP for Field Service knowledge management solutions can be integrated. A knowledge platform supports the technician`s skilled troubleshooting in the factory maintenance. In doing so, the knowledge platform automatically evaluates the available order data like the machine type and the error description and then offers the technician three different support options in the form of relevant documents like repair manuals, decision trees or case based reasoning. The knowledge platform thereby also determines descriptions of solutions which only resemble the present problem but can also lead to the solution.

  • Doubleplay with mobileX-CrossMIP

    Use your smartphone and laptop: For changing your status quickly or taking photos you can use our service app for your smartphone.

    For longer reports or for connecting to a machine you can change any time to the laptop version of the mobile client. The captured data and feedbacks are synchronized via the server between the devices and are available on both platforms.

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    More transparent maintenance processes

    The overview in real time creates transparency over the entire maintenance team, in terms of the utilization of technicians, their skills and job status.


    Optimized resource utilization

    The digital planning ensures optimum utilization of technicians and production tools.


    Less downtime

    Faster response times and short timeframes for deployments shorten work stoppages by shutdowns of production.


    Cost savings up to 20 percent

    Due to the reduced planning effort and optimized use of resources, companies can save up to 20 percent of costs, in combination with mobileX-MIP Dispatch even more.

Technical specifications

  • Backend systems

    mobileX MIP for Field Service can be easily integrated into the existing interfaces of your leading systems. These are often SAP CS, SAP PM and SAP CRM - but also systems such as Microsoft Dynamics ERP or proprietary applications.

  • Interfaces

    mobileX MIP for Field Service can either be integrated natively in SAP through our certified SAP add-on, an MS SQL or Oracle database or via web services in other backend systems. We also cooperate with partners when it comes to creating new interfaces for new processes.

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  • Scalability and adaptability

    mobileX-MIP for Field Service is a standard software that adapts to your individual requirements. The modular design of the solution offers the opportunity to closely track your use cases and mobile processes. If changes in your corporate structure or your processes occur, mobileX-MIP for Field Service adapts flexibly.

  • Free choice of devices and operating systems

    mobileX-MIP for Field Service and mobileX-CrossMIP support Android, Windows and iOS. So you are completely flexible when choosing your mobile devices. Whether smartphone, tablet or laptop - ruggedized or business - our mobile solution adapts to your hardware. The simultaneous use of two mobile devices - double play - for status update and text input is possible.

  • Integration of third party applications

    mobileX-MIP for Field Service enables easy integration of third party applications such as knowledge management systems, spare parts catalogs or subcontractors. Our extensive partner network expands and complements our portfolio of solutions to best reflect your service process.

  • On request we can send you our system requirements or architecture.