Field service management for customer service and maintenance

With mobileX-Dispatch, the standard solution for resource planning and management, dispatchers have an overview of the resource planning process at all times. From manual planning via drag and drop to fully automatic optimisation, mobileX-Dispatch offers all the functions that are needed for efficient management of technicians. mobileX-Dispatch is suitable for companies with at least 10 dispatchers.


    More transparent service processes

    The overview in real time creates transparency over the entire service team with regard to the utilization of technicians, their skills and job status.


    Optimized resource utilization

    The digital planning and route optimization ensure an optimum utilization of technicians, vehicles and production tools.


    Increased customer satisfaction

    Faster response times, short time windows for assigments and higher punctuality enhance the service quality and thereby increase customer satisfaction.

One standard - a variety of forms - just the thing for your industry!

  • Mechanical and plant engineering

    In the mechanical and plant engineering field, mobileX-Dispatch not only enables planning of service assignments, but allows timely reservation of resources for system start-ups.
  • Factory maintenance

    mobileX-Dispatch supports dispatchers in planning inspections and troubleshooting for factory maintenance.
  • Utilities (network operation)

    With mobileX-Dispatch, supervisors/dispatchers in network operation always have an overview of technician assignments and teams. Other back-office systems can also be connected in addition to SAP PM/CS.
  • Utilities (metering)

    With mobileX-Dispatch, supervisors/dispatchers always have an overview of the resource planning process in metering (based on SAP IS-U). Other back-end systems can also be connected.
  • Healthcare

    mobileX-Dispatch assists the dispatcher with route optimisation for medical equipment technicians. The flexible rescheduling for unexpected events also simplifies the dispatcher's work over the long term.
  • Facility management

    Resource planning in the facility management industry features a high degree of variability. There are many short assignments alongside mass jobs or even project orders. mobileX-Dispatch assists dispatchers with all types of assignments and with resource planning for their technicians and fitters. 
  • IT and telecommunications

    In the IT and telecommunications industry, mobileX-Dispatch not only enables planning of service assignments, but also allows for automatic optimisation of routes.
  • Other industries

    mobileX-Dispatch also helps in planning for different types of resources. Tools and vehicles can also be planned, in addition to technicians, in easy-to-follow and efficient steps.