Enterprise mobility solutions for different industries

mobileX-MIP for Field Service is a mobile software solution for service technicians in the field. Employees receive their orders on the go on their mobile device. They can access job data in back-end systems to create their service reports or forms locally and send for further processing to the back-office. mobileX-MIP for Field Service is ideal for companies from 50 technicians.


    Increase of productivity

    Through mobile access to customer history, object data and material logistics queries by phone can be avoided as well as second journeys.


    Optimized data quality

    The validation of texts in data entry on site and the avoidance of media breaks through the direct transfer into backend systems contribute to a much higher quality of service reports, feedback and forms.


    Increased customer satisfaction 

    Faster response times, short time windows for assignments and higher punctuality enhance the service quality and increase the customer satisfaction.

mobileX-MIP / CrossMIP

  • Machinery and plant engineering

    Service technicians in mechanical and plant engineering use mobileX-MIP for Field Service to enter their service report including customer signature.
  • Factory maintenance

    mobileX-MIP for Field Service provides the technician in the maintenance with all the needed information for classical maintenance tasks. He can digitally edit orders and create completion confirmations via a clear and intuitive user interface. 
  • mobileX-CrossMIP

    mobileX-CrossMIP is the mobile multiplatform solution for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The slim application enables mobile technicians in service or in maintenance to process easily and quickly the main activities on their mobile device. Through the full offline capability the users have access to all necessary data at any time.
  • Utilities (network operation)

    Companies in the utility sector use mobileX-MIP for Field Service for order assignment and completion confirmation in the areas of network operation and/or metering. 
  • Healthcare

    Medical equipment technicians use mobileX-MIP for Field Service for mobile entry of service reports. They also create new jobs on-site and input the work they have completed for them.
  • Facility management

    Service technicians enter their service report with mobileX-MIP for Field Service. They also use the checklist and object list functions to efficiently perform "mass confirmations" (e.g. testing of smoke detectors).
  • IT and telecommunications

    mobileX-MIP for Field Service provides online access to complex system structures on-site - and not only to technicians in the telecommunications / IT field. 
  • Other industries

    mobileX-MIP for Field Service meets all requirements, from simple time entry to complex mobile service applications.