Other industries

Through the tools for graphical scheduling and mobile workplace companies achieve an important lead in service costs and customer satisfaction.

Mobile solutions and field service management software for other industries

  • Resource planning for technical field service

    mobileX-Dispatch optimises resource utilisation in field service. This is the case regardless of whether it is technician utilisation, or tool or vehicle planning.  Assignments can be planned and monitored manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically. 
    • From manual to fully automatic planning
    • Integrated map view
    • Scheduling
    • Technician, vehicle, tool planning
  • Mobile solution for technical field service

    mobileX-MIP for Field Service supplies employees (e.g. in logistics) with all required assignment information. Numerous functions support the mobile user while on-site:
    • Signed reports
    • Automatic job supply
    • Job history
    • Documents with the report