Partner network

Strong partnerships round out the company image in the mobileX AG. In order to always find the optimal solution for our customers, we work closely with our partners.

Partner Network

  • PTV

    PTV offers high-performing software solutions for geographical and logistical applications. As part of the partnership, mobileX AG uses the map solutions from the PTV Group (especially xServer) for mobileX-Dispatch.
  • Webfleet Solutions

    mobileX AG is a .connect Registered Partner for the solutions of Webfleet Solutions for fleet management and vehicle locations.
  • Panasonic Computer Product Solutions ist Partner der mobileX AG

    Panasonic Toughbook

    Panasonic Computer Product Solutions is a market leader for robust mobile computing hardware. The product spectrum ranges from TOUGHBOOK convertibles and notebooks to TOUGHPAD tablet PCs and includes accessories and professional services.
  • Motorola Solutions

    Motorola Solutions is a manufacturer of robust smartphones, tablets, and other devices for the Android operating system. As part of the partnership, mobileX offers its customers consulting on selecting a device.
  • Technische Universität München

    In cooperation with the Group of Applied Informatics - Cooperative Systems at the TU München, mobileX AG is advancing the development of mobileX-MIP. This project is sponsored by the Central Innovation Program SME.
  • mobileBlox

    The German company mobileBlox GmbH develops field service tools for both service and sales employees with a deep integration into the ERP-system proALPHA. To enable proALPHA-customers to use mobileX-Dispatch, mobileBlox develops the necessary interface between both systems.