Field service management software and mobile solutions for the technical field service help to optimize the processes in the service and maintenance of businesses across different departments. The digitization of checklists and forms helps companies consistently map maintenance and service processes electronically.

Our guides answer all common questions about field service management and mobile solutions in service and maintenance.

  • Software for Field Service Management

    Field service management

    Field service management software supports dispatchers when planning mobile resources in a business for service or maintenance jobs. With this it is much easier for them to take into account the different factors such as qualifications of technicians, appointments with customers or distances between jobs.

  • Mobile solutions for field service

    Mobile solutions for field service

    Mobile solutions for field service support technicians when doing their jobs on site. With this they have mobile access to data in ERP systems and can create their technical reports on site which are directly transfered the back-office. This increases porductivity, accelerates service or maintenance processes and improves customer satisfaction.

  • Digitize checklists and forms

    Checklists and forms exist today in many forms in the service and maintenance processes of companies. The digitizing of forms is an essential step in the electronic maintenance of the maintenance and service process.

  • Route planning in technical customer service

    Route planning is an integral part of resource planning in technical support. A route optimization tool can reduce travel costs, improve resource utilization and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Field service management glossary

    Many terms in the field of field service management are very specific or have a meaning that differs from general usage. With our glossary, we would like to contribute to explaining the terms used in the areas of resource planning and mobile order processing in technical service and maintenance, thus ensuring greater clarity and understanding.

  • Field service apps for the technical field service

    Field service apps for the technical field service

    Field service apps for smartphones and tablets that technical field workers use to receive and process their orders are becoming increasingly popular. But what can these apps do and what are their advantages over their notebook and laptop counterparts? What about security and integration with leading enterprise systems?